Welcome to Goodlyburn Primary School

We currently have a nursery class for 3-5 year olds, strong start provision for 2 year olds and 12 primary classes from P1 - P7 including 2 multi-composite Gaelic Medium Education classes.


We are situated in the grounds of the University of Highlands and Islands (Perth College campus) off Crieff Road, Perth.

Our aim is to ensure that your child is happy and able to learn in a caring and supportive environment.  Working in partnership with our parents is really important to us and we encourage parental involvement in the life of the school.

Mrs Sands, Head Teacher and Mrs McCully, Depute Head Teacher and teachers are always happy to speak with you about your child.  This can be a quick chat at the end of the school day or you are very welcome to make an appointment if you would like a longer discussion.

Perth community school have an office in our school building and we work closely with the team including Community Link workers to support our children and families. 


25-03-2019 12:20: Lunch Menu:

Start Time: 25-03-2019 12:20

End Time: 25-03-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Choice 1: Sweet 'n Sour Chicken Choice 2: Fish Fingers Choice 3: Quorn Dog in a Roll (V) Choice 4: Cheese Sandwich (V) Sides: Boiled Potatoes or Rice Carrots Salad Bar and Bread Basket Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Frozen Semolina with Mandarins (V)

26-03-2019 12:20: Lunch Menu:

Start Time: 26-03-2019 12:20

End Time: 26-03-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Choice 1: Chicken with Gravy and Yorkshire Pudding Choice 2: Meatballs in Moroccan Sauce Choice 3: Macaroni Cheese (V) Choice 4: Turkey Sandwich Sides: Mashed Potatoes or Cous Cous Broccoli Salad Bar and Bread Basket Dessert: Fresh Fruit or Jelly & Fruit (V)

26-03-2019 14:00: Scottish Opera - P5-7s perform '1719'
event image

Start Time: 26-03-2019 14:00

End Time: 29-04-2019 14:00

Additional Info: 1719! travels back to a key moment in Scottish history to tell the story of the Jacobite Scots locked in a desperate struggle to restore the House of Stuart to the throne of Great Britain, while the Hanoverian King George argued with the other European rulers over the lands and riches of the New World.  Kind Philip of Spain sent troops and money to help the Jacobites in an attempt to distract the British government from this dispute.  Pupils will go back in time 300 years when the Jacobites and their Spanish allies gathered in Glen Shiel for battle with King George's forces, in what was the last close engagement of British and European troops.

27-03-2019 09:40: P4/5 Miss Booth & P4-7 Mr Munro

Start Time: 27-03-2019 09:40

End Time: 27-03-2019 11:45

Additional Info: The Primary 5s from both classes will be attending swimming lessons.  Please send you child, on these days, with their swimming costume, towel and 50p for a locker.  Thank you.

27-03-2019 10:25: P5 Mrs Bicocchi

Start Time: 27-03-2019 10:25

End Time: 27-03-2019 12:15

Additional Info: Please send your child, on these dates with their swimming costume, towel and 50p for a locker.  Thank you.


Spring Fayre

A big thank you to everyone who donated , came along and took part and the staff & children for making our Fayre a big success. We raised £746.34 for our school fund. Our school fund is used for resources and towards school outings for our children.


Spring Fayre

All welcome to our Spring Fayre today from 1.30pm , tickets still available - 50p in exchange for refreshment. Plenty of stalls to browse and buy , Cake & candy, colouring competition, raffle prizes, etc.


Spring Fayre Timetable

Each class has been allocated a 30 minute slot at the Spring Fayre. Please see timings below; 1.15pm - 1.45pm: P4, P4/5 and P5 1:45pm – 2:15pm: P1/2, P3T and Gaelic 2:15pm – 2:45pm: P1, P2 and P3J


from Parent Council

Parent Council have a guess the name competition for a large cuddly monkey going round the school £1 a try.


Scottish Opera

Keep the date free for this year's performance '1719' - Monday 15th April 2019 (first day back after the Easter holidays). Doors open 2pm.


Parents Night/Book Fair

Our Parent Council raised an incredible £498 from their raffle & cake and candy. The school book fair sold £949.39 worth of books giving us £569.63 to spend on books for our library. Thank you to everyone involved in both events.


Book Fair

Book Fair will be open this evening from 4pm until 7.30pm.


Parents Evening

Our Parent Council are holding their usual home baking & candy/raffle stall tonight. Lots of prizes, tickets £1.00 per strip.


Book Fair

Book Fair will be at the school for the next 3 days, children will go with classes, see timetable posted on Events list. If children don't have money on their day they can bring it in on Friday morning.


School Meal Survey - Link

Parent, Carers & Staff Survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/pprimary2019 Pupils Survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/tcprimary2019