Welcome to Goodlyburn Primary School

We currently have a nursery class for 3-5 year olds, strong start provision for 2 year olds and 12 primary classes from P1 - P7 including 2 multi-composite Gaelic Medium Education classes.


We are situated in the grounds of the University of Highlands and Islands (Perth College campus) off Crieff Road, Perth.

Our aim is to ensure that your child is happy and able to learn in a caring and supportive environment.  Working in partnership with our parents is really important to us and we encourage parental involvement in the life of the school.

Mrs Sands, Head Teacher and Mrs Crockart, Depute Head Teacher and teachers are always happy to speak with you about your child.  This can be a quick chat at the end of the school day or you are very welcome to make an appointment if you would like a longer discussion.



18-11-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 18-11-2019 12:30

End Time: 18-11-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Option 1: Tomato Pasta (v). Option 2: Macaroni Cheese (v). Option 3: Quorn Burger in a Bun with Pasta Salad (v). Option 4: Coronation Veggie Wrap with Sweetcorn and Pea Salad (v). Veg of the Day: Carrots. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Pear Slices and Custard (v) or Yoghurt.

19-11-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 19-11-2019 12:30

End Time: 19-11-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Option 1: Chinese Chicken Curry with Rice. Option 2: Cottage Pie. Option 3: Chinese Vegetable Curry with Rice (v). Option 4: Tuna Mayo Roll with Rice and Pepper Salad. Veg of the Day: Peas. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Availabel Daily. Dessert: Jelly with Berries (v) or Yoghurt

20-11-2019 09:00: Flu Immunisation Programme

Start Time: 20-11-2019 09:00

End Time: 20-11-2019 13:00

Additional Info: Child Health Dept. in school to carry out the Annual immunisation programme.

20-11-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 20-11-2019 12:30

End Time: 20-11-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Starter: Yellow Split Pea Soup (v). Option 1: Ham Pizza with Pasta. Option 2: Chicken and Gravy with Baby New Potatoes. Option 3: Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Pasta (v). Option 4: Sliced Egg Finger Roll with Veggie Sticks (v). Veg of the Day: Peppers and Sweetcorn. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Yoghurt.

21-11-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 21-11-2019 12:30

End Time: 21-11-2019 13:20

Additional Info: Option 1: Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes. Option 2: Breaded Fish with Roast Potatoes. Option 3: Quorn Fillet in Gravy with Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes (v). Option 4: Ham Sandwich with Potato Salad. Veg of the Day: Broccoli. Bread, Salad and Fresh Fruit Available Daily. Dessert: Fruit Salad or Yoghurt.


Parent Council Raffle Wednesday 13 November

Our parent council are again trying to raise enough money to take the whole school to the pantomime next month. 

As usual they will have a home baking & raffle table at parents night on Wed 13th November. 

If you are able to donate anything for the raffle it is greatly appreciated. You can drop donations into the school office.

Please also support us by buying raffle tickets and our home baking on the night.

It would be great to raise enough to cover this event for all the children in the school.
Many thanks


P4 Assembly

P4 will be holding their Assembly in the school hall on Friday 22 November @ 2.15.  All parents welcome.


Cinema Trip today

Good morning,
Our trip to the Cinema for G1-3, P3/4, P4 & P5 is going ahead, we have organised buses to pick up and collect the children.


Poppy Scotland 2019 Appeal

Poppies go on sale tomorrow until Friday 8th November.  Minimum donation £1.00.  In preparation for all schools going cashless in August 2020, this item is now on ParentPay.  Any parent not yet on ParentPay please come to the school office for your login details.  Thank you.



There has been a phone handed into the school office, if you've lost one please come into school to see if it is yours.

Thank you.


Packed Lunches

Dear Parents/Carers,
We have noticed that in our packed lunch bins there are often whole sandwiches, full packets of crisps or sweets etc. It is difficult to monitor who these items belong to and so make sure no child goes without his/her lunch.
To try to minimise waste and keep you informed about what your child has eaten we are encouraging children to bring home all packed lunch items except fruit skins/cores. 
Thank you for your support,


Class Assembly

P5s class assembly will be held on Friday 1 November @ 2.15pm.


Lost Scooter

Before the holidays a scooter went missing after school.  It is a black stunt scooter with a Mongoose on it.  It may be lying around the community, if you see it, can you please return it to school (or let us know where and we'll pick it up?) many thanks.

Mrs Sands


We are collecting Team GB Stickers with Aldi's Kit for School

Can you help us collect 300 stickers to complete the poster and we'll receive an exclusive sports kit and a chance to win £20,000 for our school. 

Thank you


School Photographs

Shaun Ward Photographer will visit the school on Wednesday 11 September.  We will take all the children’s photos individually and with siblings within the school.  If you DO NOT want your child/children’s photograph taken please contact the school office.
We are no longer able to accommodate, as in previous years, whole family photographs, with older or young siblings who do not attend Goodlyburn.
Your child will bring home a note of your personal access code for Shaun’s website shaunwardphotography.gotphoto.co.uk to enable you to order any quantity/combination of photographs you would like.  The photographs will be on his website within 48 hours.  You can also use the QR code on the note to access the website.